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Are you tired of constantly switching between your phone and computer to get your work done or staying in touch with friends and family? If so, you’re in luck because Microsoft has found a way to fix your problem. The www.aka.ms/phonelinkqrc is a revolutionary tool that can help you connect your phone and PC easily. This tool works on both Android and iOS devices, which makes it easy for anyone to use.

In this article, we’ll talk about www.aka.ms/phonelinkqrc features and benefits, show you how to set it up and use it, and answer some of the most common questions about it.

What is www.aka.ms/phonelinkqrc?

A short URL like www.aka.ms/phonelinkqrc takes you to a page where you can download the “Your Phone” app on a mobile device. The app lets users connect their Android or iOS phone to their Windows 10 PC and access their phone’s photos, texts, notifications, and more from their computer. The page that www.aka.ms/phonelinkqrc sends you to has a QR code that you can easily scan with your phone’s camera to download the app.



How To Set Up the Phone Link App on Your Windows PC?

  • Connect your phone and computer to the same WiFi network.
  • Type “Phone Link” into the search box in Windows.
  • Click “Connect Your Phone.
  • Tap “Add a Phone Number”
  • Click on the Start button.
  • Sign in with the information for your Microsoft account, and then click Continue.

How to Set Up the Link To Windows Application on Your Android Phone?

You can now connect your Android phone to your computer if you already have Windows apps on your phone. Here’s how to link your Android phone to the To Windows app:

  • You must first open the link to the Windows programme.
  • Now, click Link Your Phone and PC.
  • Tap Continue.
  • Now, you have a few choices:
  • Use your phone to scan the QR code on your Windows PC.
  • Or, to see the QR code, go to www.aka.ms/phonelinkqrc.
  • Lastly, press the “Back” button, select “Sign in with Microsoft,” and enter your login information.
  • Give the permissions and settings that are needed, and then click Done.
  • You will now get a message telling you that the pairing is done.

Does Your Android Phone Work With a Windows Computer?

A Windows computer can be linked to an Android phone. This is done with the Link To Windows software, which can be found on some Android phones.

Then, the Link To Windows app on your phone is connected to the Link To Windows app on your Windows PC. The Link To Windows app should already be on your computer since it is an important part of Windows.

If you use the Link To Windows and Phone Link programmes to connect your phone to your Windows PC, you should be able to sync everything. But when connected to a Windows PC, not every Android phone will work as well as it could.

Only the Surface Duo and Samsung Galaxy phones work fully when they are connected to a Windows PC. Most other Android phones can still connect to Windows PCs with the Link To Windows app, but as of this writing, they can only use a small number of pairing options.


Connect Windows PC to Phone using Phone link App

  1. When you open the app on your device, click “Get started” at the top of the screen.
  2. Sign in with your Microsoft account by clicking “Sign in.” This account should be the same as logging in to the phone.
  3. Go to www.aka.ms/phonelinkqrc in your phone’s browser. This link will either take you to the app’s page in the Google Play Store or start the Your Phone Companion app that came with your phone.
  4. Use the same Microsoft account you use on the PC to sign in to this companion app. The phone will show a screen for scanning a QR code.
  5. Now go back to your computer and choose one of the following:
    • “I have the Your Phone Companion app on my phone.” This will show a QR code that you must scan with the phone.
    • “Pair with QR code” or “Pair manually” will show you a code that you need to type into your phone.
  6. Once the devices are linked, you’ll ask to give permission. This will make it possible for you to use all of Your Phone’s features.

Benefits of www.aka.ms/phonelinkqrc

After adding this feature, Microsoft made it much easier for Windows phones to work with smartphones. Here are some of the benefits of this service feature:

Let’s start with the most basic benefit of this programme: the ability to move content without any problems. Over the past few years, people have been getting third-party software to move content from one device to another. In fact, using USB cords to move the files was inefficient and took too long. But thanks to this app, users can now send an unlimited amount of content in a matter of seconds. No one else gets to see your content because it is so quick and safe.

Access to programmes: One more benefit of using this Windows feature is that you can always use any of the apps you’ve installed on your smartphone. After the sync process, users can see their smartphone apps on the bigger screen, but they must first be able to connect to the internet.

We’ve talked about how to get to the programmes by using a larger screen. But you can also do something about these applications. Think about getting a WhatsApp call right now. So, if you use this feature, you can answer their messages on a bigger screen and even do everything your phone can do.

Having a smartphone: Transferring, making phone calls, and even using the apps are all fun. But this feature can use in a lot more ways than you might think. With this programme, you can now get to everything on your smartphone. access your galleries of photos and videos.

These were the main benefits of connecting the Smartphone to Windows OS using www.aka.ms/phonelinkqrc. So, we’ll talk about how to connect a phone to a PC and what you need to do first.

Requirements of www.aka.ms/phonelinkqrc

To connect your phone to your computer or laptop, you must meet the following requirements, which will discuss in this section:

Phone Companion apps are the most important apps you need to put on your phone. It can download right away at www.aka.ms/phonelinkqrc. You can get it right away from the official Microsoft website if you click this link, which will take you there. But remember that you can only get it from the Play store on your phone or this link on the official Microsoft website.

Companion software on Windows OS: The second most important app you need is to see if there is a phone companion programme for Microsoft Windows. Look for “Phone link” in the search field, and if the icon shows up in the search results, click it. If it doesn’t, update Windows to the latest version, and the icon will appear. since it only works with Windows 10 and versions after that.

Wi-Fi Connection: The third thing that all of your devices must have is a strong and reliable internet connection. So that your smartphone can be directly connected to your PC and you can use all of its features and apps on your PC or laptop.

What Can You Do After Pairing an Android Phone and a Windows Computer?

Once your Android phone is connected to your Windows computer, you can do different things, depending on how many features it has.

If your phone is fully supported, you can sync documents, photos, videos, contacts, messages, calls, notifications, and even some apps. Check out our guide on how to find saved items on Android phones if you need help finding your files.

You will also be able to mirror the screen of your phone, which is very helpful.

How do I disconnect my smartphone from my computer?

You have successfully linked your device using the www.aka.ms/phonelinkqrc page. But you’re having trouble with this feature right now, so you want to disconnect your phone from your computer. So, you can easily disconnect your phone from your computer by following the steps below.

  • First, you need to go to the Microsoft website and sign in with the same email address you used before.
  • Now go to the “Device” section and you’ll see a list of all the connected devices.
  • Tap on the device you want to get rid of, and then confirm.
  • If you go back to the phone and reopen the app, it will say “disconnected.”
  • If you want to get rid of the www.aka.ms/phonelinkqrc link from your phone, you can do the same thing.
  • Open the companion app on your device and go to the Settings menu. There you’ll find the Accounts option. Click on it to open it.
  • Find the same Microsoft email address that was entered on the PC.
  • Post-finding clicks on the account and presses “Logout.”
  • When you click on the links that appear, your device will disconnect from the PC.

How to set up calls on Your Phone app?

Open up Your Phone on your PC and click on Calls. Then, follow all the on-screen instructions. Let your Android device ask for any permission it needs through a pop-up. This will set up your computer so that you can get calls and answer them without using a phone.

In Conclusion – www.aka.ms/phonelinkqrc

In conclusion, www.aka.ms/phonelinkqrc is a powerful tool that can help you stay connected and get things done no matter where you are. When you connect your phone to your Windows PC, you can get to your files, send and receive text messages, and more. 

For More Information Like This visit: Microsoft Authenticator

FAQs – www.aka.ms/phonelinkqrc

Type your phone into the search box on the taskbar, and then choose the Phone Link app from the list of results. Choose the Android. You’ll ask to sign into your Microsoft account. (In order to link your Android device and PC, you’ll need to sign into the same Microsoft account on both.)
Phone Link, which use to call “Your Phone,” is an app for Windows 10 that connects Android and Windows 10 devices. It was made by Microsoft. It lets a Windows PC see the 2000 most recent photos on a connected phone, send SMS messages, and make phone calls.
Open a browser on your PC and go to www.aka.ms/yourphoneqrc to see that QR code. Use the camera in the app on your Android phone to scan the QR code on your PC. After you scan the QR code, you might ask for permission to do a few things. With these permissions, you can get to content on your PC that is on your phone.
The Your Phone app needs to work in the background as long as your PC is on so that it can keep you up to date on all the notifications you’re getting on your phone.
Open the app on your phone or tablet, tap the button that says “scan QR code,” and then scan the code. You can also use the Mobile Pairing option in your user settings to connect your app to the rest of your system. When you click on this, you’ll be able to look for jobs: That’s it!
This is just a short URL for a link. The who.is entry shows that Microsoft owns the aka.ms domain. You could give this information to the people in charge of network security and see if that’s enough for the exclusion to be made.

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